Saturday, March 12, 2005

Why Supporting Illegal immigration is Like Supporting Slavery

Yes, slavery. I know it's a really charged word. But the point I want to make is the moral equivalence. Step back and let me walk you through it, because I want to help others make this important argument.

1. Illegal Immigration is illegal. I don't see any way you can argue against this, it's in the title. If there is anything misleading about the title it's the immigration part. Immigrants are able to call upon the protection of the law. I plan to post about the importance of the rule of law later, but right now can we agree that the rule of law should apply to everyone. Slavery is illegal.

2. Illegal immigrants are transported into this country. I once helped intercept a boat load of people who had paid good money to be sneaked into the United States. The plan they were following included being dropped off in Mexico where a bus would take them to our (U.S.) southern border. This was in 2000 but I was there. The point is about scale. It isn't a case of a poor Mexican farmer sneaking over the border so he can find work here, returning after the harvest. There are people in the business of transporting people into our country illegally. It's big business and because it's illegal and run as a continuous illegal enterprise I think you can call it mob business. Both enterprises, illegal immigrants and slavery, was the transport of human cargo. When you see a story about a cargo container filled with staving people being smuggled into the United States how can you not think of the people as slaves.

3. Are illegal immigrants treated like slaves? No, or at least not all of them. But if you are employing someone to do something illegal who are you going to get. How are these people treated. I'm against the minimum wage on principle and I have a problem with some of the thing OSHA has done in the past but to hire people with illegal status is not the solution to the problem. How are these people treated. How many come here in order to commit crimes, from theft and drug dealing to prostitution. How many are blackmailed into prostitution or other jobs that are illegal and distasteful. Don't listen to the arguments for a moment and look at the results. We have an underclass of people in this country with no rights being preyed on by their Masters.

4. Don't vote to re-elect anyone who doesn't get on board on this issue. One of my biggest fears is that Hillary Clinton (who I really don't like politically) will lead on this issue and I'll have to vote for her. Especially since I don't think she'd follow through on the issue. I think the winner of the next presidential election will not be the morals candidate, it'll be the rule of law candidate. In the mean time I'm asking everyone who agrees with me to write their congressman and tell them you think a failure to fight illegal immigration is like ignoring slavery. It took a lot of moral courage to stand up to slavery and there are a lot of payoffs being made to ignore illegal immigration. If your candidate isn't vocally opposed to illegal immigration and slavery don't re-elect him.

5. Some illegal immigrants are here to hurt our country, the others hurt it by accident. The al-qida terrorist is only the apex of a pyramid of criminals. There are small teams of lethal drug enforcers, drug traffickers, con artists, theft rings, and so on and so on. But take that well known poor Mexican farmer who is only looking for an honest days work. During the last election the rhetoric was loud and furious about how the president caused millions of people to be out of work. I think the rhetoric was only a small step up from excrement but unemployment is an ongoing worry in this country. What effect is there on our economy by the money that farmer is sending out of the country. The Mexican government understand because the southern border of Mexico is locked up tight to prevent other Latin Americans from passing through and taking those jobs away from the Mexicans. So we have economic and security concerns. Okay, so this one doesn't link up to slavery like the others, but it is something to think about.

6. Which are the innocents and which are the criminals. This isn't an easy issue, but I suggest the following measures. If he is arrested committing a crime or carrying a gun treat him like a terrorist or insurgent. If you have family here illegally there should be a 6 month visitors permit you can get, but if they are still here after that time it should endanger the immigration status of the person sponsoring him. I have no interest in protecting anyone who will not follow the rule of law. If someone is here on a student visa and they remain after their visa expires that's one less student from that country we'll grant a visa to.

So please leave a comment so I can improve my argument or count on your support. Vote against the incumbent unless he is active. The first problem to solve is the blockage in congress.

Future posts will include "The rule of law, why Justice Kennedy has to go, and how to get rid of him without armed revolution". Maybe next week.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Very Angry

I haven't posted for a while, good thing for me no one reads my site. But today I'm too angry and I have to send it somewhere. I've been listening to arguments about illegal aliens and I'm tired of EVERYONE missing the point. Here are some talking points for you talking heads.

Supporters of Illegal aliens (or border crossing criminals) like to avoid certain inconvenient facts. I'll call them IAs for short.

1. IAs are not immigrants. When the argument turns to "anti-immigrant" respond with "I'm not talking about immigrants, I'm talking about criminals".

2. IAs are honest people who are established in their jobs which no one else will do anyway.
a. Many are mostly honest, many are dangerous criminals, and many are victims.
b. IAs who have been here for a while are losing their jobs to newer IAs who are more desperate.
c. The concept that there aren't people to do these jobs in our country is to make the assumption that there is no unemployment in this country. The real point is that the law abiding citizen in this country expect things like minimum wage and safe working conditions. The reason IAs are employed is to circumvent the law. Prosecute any employer that would be breaking the law if a citizen was doing the same job.

3. Does the money that IAs send back to their home country hurt our economy? Is it an unnecessary drain?

4. If the Mexican government is opposed to our closing the southern border let us implement the same policies the Mexican government uses dealing with IAs over their southern border.

5. The reason IAs are protected is so there will be an underclass of people to take advantage of. People who defend IAs should admit they want to bring back slavery and be done with it. A female IA forced into prostitution should be protected. Taking advantage of these people is big business and is the real reason why it is defended. When IAs arrive in this country where do they go? Do they wander around or do they have a job and destination in mind?

So next time I hear my favorite talking heads talking about this issue I hope these points will show up, and my country will stop the pilfering by IAs.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Good Book

Go to and take a look at the free books. The ones I've read are really good. If you are unfamiliar with the work of David Weber read "On Basilisk Station", the first book written about Honor Harrington. I've lost count of the number of times I've read it.

It joins my list of other books worth reading over and over again.
"The Bourne Identity" by Robert Ludlum
"Time Enough for Love" by Robert Heinlein
The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Azsimov
"Hot Money" by Dick Francis

I may add more titles if there is any interest, do you want more?

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Voter Intimidation

The stories of voter intimidation are being reported all over the country. Most of them are about democrat's intimidating republicans. This is the time to vote. If someone tries to intimidate you to vote for one party agree, then in the booth vote for the other. DO NOT TURN AWAY FROM THE POLLS!

On election day if there is any intimidation step back and call the police. Get the name of the person taking the report. Wait for the police to arrive because anyone within 50 feet of the polling place influencing the vote is breaking the law. I hope everyone will exercise their right to vote.

I'm going to vote for Bush and against every other incumbent. I've listened to the speeches of Bush and Kerry and have been following the campaign closely. Everyone else I don't know much about so I'll vote against the incumbent. The incumbent has a built in advantage that can be remove if enough people start voting like I do. How much damage can a dishonest politician do in one term?

If Kerry wasn't such a poor canidate I'd vote for him too, but he's an awful canidate if you aren't rich and privileged.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Watching Fox and Friends

I had to turn off the T.V. this morning. There was a Kerry flak on spewing out so much spin I couldn't take it anymore. I like the fact Fox tries to show both sides of the debate but when someone is lying let's call him on it, please.

Let's start with the company Haliburton. The jobs of thousands of Haliburton workers has been put at risk because democrat flaks find the name easy to recognize. There has been a lot of implied wrong doing because Haliburton received some no bid contracts. A company receives a no bid contract when they are the only ones who provide a given service. Invoking the name Haliburton is a sign that the debate has moved to a subject that the democrats are wrong about.

"This is the worse economy since Herbert Hoover" is another phrase that gets thrown out in desperation. The pin heads who believe this have to be deluded. If our economy is that bad why are people trying to sneak into the country to work? Why is home ownership breaking records?

"bring in our allies" is a sign the speaker has no clue about foreign policy. We have allies, good ones, helping us with the war on terror. The only countries of note are France, Germany, Russia, and China. These countries are not on our side, they are on their side. Trust them to do what is in their best interest, not ours. They have already said if Kerry is elected they will not change their position. There is evidence that they were bribed by Iraq to block the invasion and have the sanctions lifted. Our allies are with us in Iraq.

Our country needs intelligent debate to remain free. The democrats have to start using facts in the debate or I'm not even going to listen to them.

Friday, September 24, 2004

It all comes out in the Wash

There is a brilliant piece at National Review Online about Dan Rather. Victor Davis Hanson has touched on all the points I've been talking about. I think it's an example of the whole boomer philosophy falling apart. This philosophy shows itself in the media, television shows, and movies. It always makes me angry when I see it.

Take, for example, the movie "Blow". (If I have the wrong movie, I apologize, I was too fed up to watch all of it.) Kirk Douglas was playing the drug czar. Good. His daughter was hooked on drugs. Oh no. She ran away from home. Oh no again. At this point in the movie the Kirk Douglas character jumps into his car and drives around the mean streets in search of her. How stupid is this character, why doesn't he call the police commissioner and have 100 cops go in search of her.

In the book "Clear and Present Danger" Jack Ryan goes to Columbia in an Air Force jet; using his authority. In the movie Jack Ryan sneaks down to Columbia on a commercial jet without a clue as to what he's going to do when he gets there.

I could go on. St. Elmo's Fire, 30 something, The Big Chill, Kevin Costner in "Robinhood: Prince of Thieves"

I seem to have wandered off my point, I'm still learning. The interesting thing is the rejection of the boom philosophy. One of the identifying features of a member of Generation X is a dislike of Boomers.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Picking a President

Making the decision about who to vote for is more important than ever. Looking at the direction our foreign policy is going for the next four years I think the difference between the two main candidacy is stark. Bush is firmly the Jacksonian. Kerry dabbled with being a Jacksonian but instead has been pushing a Jeffersonian/welcoming agenda. The Hamiltonians have been very quiet, I think they are backing Bush.

I'm surprised the people I usually read haven't used the Mead model to explain the foreign policy debate.

Check out the Wonkette. Good post about Tina Brown, I hope I see more.

Larry Elder has a funny story in his column at Town Hall